About JNGL Nation

JNGL Nation found its humble beginning from a chain of brick and mortar vape shops in Minnesota known as Smokin Monkey. Family owned and operated since 2013, Smokin Monkey found its suburban success with its dedicated customer service and, subjectively, some of the best house e-liquid. The dream was to take these fully registered (and pre August 8th, 2016) flavors and bring them to the national and global market. As of December 2018, thanks to the unlikely yet completely plausible partnership between two veterans of the industry, the global market release begins.

JNGL Nation is the 2018 Worldwide Launch of some of the most well-rounded, clean e-liquid flavors on the market. Following strict FDA guidelines and recommendations, JNGL Nation is taking the best of 42 fully registered flavors [originally intended to stay “house juice”] and bringing them to a local vape shop near you.